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A personal landing page designed to send visitors to my various social media pages as well as provide contact details.
Use HTML and CSS coding in order to build a business-card style landing page for myself. The project required that I use images, text, and links in order to promote and inform visitors of the various ways to contact or learn more about me. All of the site had to be designed, coded, and published by hand.
This was the first project I ever did which involved both the design and the development of a webpage. Using InDesign to generate the design and Dreamweaver to assist in the development, I created this landing page all about me. The site includes links, roll-over states, and a background image which is both responsive and randomly selected upon page reload.
I have to give a very special thanks to Alvaro Ojeda, a very talented and knowledgeable Australian designer, who very generously assisted in getting the various HTML/CSS functions working as well as hosting the final site. I literally could not have done it without him.