Personal Identity of Vendy Satria

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  • Client  : Vendy Satria S.W.
    Project: The personal identity for a soon to be professional illustrator
                  Including Logo, Graphic Standard Manual, Promotional Items
    About: Vendy Satria Siddhartha Wongso known as Vendy was born September 5th, 1992 is Indonesian illustrator and graphic designer. He is well known because he likes to participate in campus activities. In the year 2008-2009, before entering Binus International, he was attending an art college in Singapore.

    In hopes of bringing up the qualities of Indonesian’s Illustration industry, Vendy dreams that one day he could make a school of illustration in Indonesia.
  • Brand Identity
  • Each Chapter Transition
  • (GSM) is Moleskine Book / sketch book.
    The paper used for this GSM is sketch book paper.
    The hard cover book binding were done manually.
  • Carving details of back cover (L) and front cover (R)
  • Table of Content