Personal Identity Redesign

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  • Client: Personal
  • Making the move to full-time freelance — and relocating to a new city — gave me the perfect excuse to redesign my studio's own identity and what better place to start than by sketching some letters out.
  • As a graphic designer I use the pseudonym indent, because of its a near-anagram qualities of my first name, Denton. It also represents my design ideals of leaving something behind, memorable. A shift from the norm.

    The i being the only letter absent explains its form in negative space. To balance this, the left indent was created as a positive shape as well as the i dot, which later expanded into a significant brand element.

    The left indent shape can expand to any desired width and symbolises a timeless energetic and dynamic flow found in my creations and their processes; whereas the logo's letterforms bring an academic and systemised rhythm to the mix.
    I want to bring a handmade feel and personality to all my design so the type got a healthy dose of humanist styling.
  • Beyond the custom font created for my brand I still needed a typeface that would be modular, friendly and unobtrusive; introducing the type-family Cinta, by Tipo Pèpel: It has a humanistic skeleton, dressed up with a hand-made mechanical suit, which made it rush, audacious. A dedicated tribute to the breakdown of mestizo music rhythm, bright, dreamy but completely real.
  • My new business cards needed to showcase some communication design skills and contact details, but most importantly, supply a unique user experience to leave that lasting first impression.
  • The cards' physical dimensions were constructed in a 1:2 ratio and the layout made use of Phi (also known as the Golden Ratio/Golden Mean) to create a baseline and sectioned heirarchy on both sides. This was my attempt to bring across both left and right brain thinking into the design where one ratio is completely rational and the other, almost magical and boundless.
    The process involved a two colour litho, blind letterpress and finally duplexing to create the end product.
  • Art direction and graphic design: Denton Pretorius
    Photography: Baden Moir |
    Printing: CottonCloud Letterpress |
    Type foundry: Tipo Pèpel |