Pernilla's Journey

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  • Pernilla's Journey
                by  t i n a g i v e n s
              a playful fabric story
  • As a young girl, my favorite book was a story about a young lady who lived in a Parrot Jungle. She embarks on a journey encountering exotic animals, striking gardens and fountain pools. Very recently, I reacquired the book for my daughter.. she read it to me and I was transported to my childhood immediately. Churning up memories and much imagination I had to illustrate it. This project created a happily emotional journey for me, taking me back to places I had not been in a very long time. Reminiscent of vintage linens and fairy tales by the fire, I bring you a kaleidoscope of pattern and color.

    This collection of fabrics is debuting at the International Quilt Market in the United States May 2011. All cotton and some linen skus I am delighted to be crafting a gorgeous display and exhibit.  I hope you enjoy the following imagery.
  • Thanks for looking. This is a recent project. New ones coming include Lilliput Fields and Pagoda Lullaby...

    Licensed with Westminster Fibers for cotton, linen, voile quilting and apparel fabrics. Looking to partner with a home decor textile, finished product like cushions, rugs and wallpaper.

    Tina Givens