Perfectly Flawed

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  • Perfectly Flawed
    Perfectly Flawed is the first solo art exhibition by artist Shun Hong Chan. The identity design for the exhibition is based on and correlated with the theme and the artwork itself.
    One of the exhibited paintings was selected as the flagship icon for the exhibition. The twist lies in how the painting was presented.
    At times one needs to take another perspective to embrace the unnoticeable beauty. Almost instinctively, viewers would turn their heads sideway upon seeing the promotional materials instead of looking the straight and normal way. Only by then, one can see the beauty. The image is displayed in its flawed yet perfect position. Indeed, it is flaw that completes. The key identity design is coupled with a range of printed promotional materials such as invitation card, poster, catalog, postcard and sign.
    Is the venue yet another spot to point one's finger on? The insider's story is that the gallery under renovation had been carefully chosen, for it was, like the theme of the exhibition, perfectly flawed.