• ﹣ Perfect one campaign ﹣
    This campaign is specially designed for single women in Hong Kong.It aims to get single women to enjoy their food shopping alone at Jason’s food & living supermarket by accepting their single living attitudes.
    Single women in Hong Kong are usually regarded as a loser in relationship, and they are named as leftover in married group. However, lots of these single women are actually very successful in their career and have much contribution to society.Therefore, this campaign is to support the local single women and to suggest the public to respect single women. 
    Perfect one是為了對香港的單身女士表示支持而舉行的活動。香港單身女性通常被視為一個失敗者,經媒體過份渲染後,香港女性的形象每況愈下,因此令不少女性開始擔憂自己的將來,甚至不願承認自己是單身。然而,這些單身女性在她們的職業生涯非常成功,對社會有一定的貢獻 。
    透過jason提供的優質服務, 它能讓單身女性享受購物外,更讓單身女性和公眾明白jason supermarket接受她們的生活態度,從而提高單身女性在社會上的地位。
  • Print Advertisement
    First, ten print advertisements will be displayed at underground stations platform for raising public attention, and also to promote the event of perfect one.Second, an official website of perfect one campaign will be launched. Single women can sign up an account for free and they can enjoy the monthly event in real store. The most important is that they can get the support from this supermarket and able to share thoughts online with other singles.
    在這個計劃中,首先會有一系列的平面廣告放置在地鐵站內,目的是要引起大眾的注意。利用超市內所售賣的另類食品去比喻單身女性的生活態度,令女士們產生共鳴。在平面廣告上會有該活動的資料,包括網頁以及該活動的目的。而網頁上則會鼓勵單身女性參加超市每個月舉行的活動 -抽選一種食品去讚揚它和她的美。女士們還可以在網頁上跟其他人互動或取得更多有關優質生活的各種資訊。
  • Perfect one official website
    The website will be launched after the print advertisements are displayed in public. Single women can sign up an account on website and they will be asked to pick a food product from twelve different foods to represent themselves. Each products represent different personalities and living attitudes, so singles can pick the one that suit them most and also to type a saying about their life. 
    Perfect one will be a monthly event that a product will be picked and to appreciate its spirits on the first day of each month. If singles chose the picked product to present themselves, their sayings will be printed to promote and will be displayed on the website. Moreover, singles can find their sayings printed on leaflet and displayed at the real store. 
  • Membership pack
     A gift box will be sent to the singles once they signed up an account online. There will be a food catalog and a membership card that printed with their names and sayings.