Peperpack- packaging concept for pepernoten

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  • Peperpack- packaging concept for pepernoten
  • This project was a part of an international design competition called Grandma´s Design. The aim was to combine the traditional European baking heritage to contemporary food design.
    The illustration on the boxes is inspired by the playful tradition of the Pepernoten. The Sinterklaas’ Eve
    (December 5th) is when kids recieve their gifts. “Black Peter” distributes the Pepernoten for kids before the arrival of Sinterklaas himself. The biscuits are thrown in a room by the handfuls for the delighted children.
    In the illustration you can find the little biscuits scattered in a room, hidden for you to find.
    The idea is, that the box is an elegant gift or a place to store the Pepernoten. I wanted the pastry to have a new and also more elegant role. The different colors in packaging and the graphics enable the product to be used in catering of various occasions: dinners, barbecues, summer parties, bruch etc.
    The project included grandmothers with their recipes from Belgium, Italy, Finland, Turkey and the Netherlands. A visual databank of recipes and the people behind them was created.  From this data designers could choose the most inspiring one and create a concept around it.
    My work was displayed in a publication Food inspires design (Stichting Kunstboek, 2013)
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