• Penrose Type Family
  • Penrose and it’s subsequent weights were developed jointly with Brazen’s web based interaction system. The system, designed to be seamlessly integrated in the company’s website, converts informal meta-data into a complex and compelling visual display of Brazen’s activity. François Morin, co-founder at Brazen explains:
    “ The goal is to gather mixed meta-data from the company’s repositories hosted on bitbucket.org and create a visual representation of the company’s on-going activities regarding software development. A daily data-set is compiled every day at midnight based on the meta-data gathered via the REST api available at api.bitbucket.org. The data-set is then crunched by a script to determine the company’s coding progress according to various information such as pushes, pulls, commits, branches, updates, etc. The data are compared with previous data-set and prepared to be displayed according to the visual requirements. This endeavour is motivated by means of exploring the bitbucket api while approaching design in a playful manner. ”
    This data is translated visually in the form of a seemingly infinite flow of forms and structures, from simple shapes to complex architectures. Isometric, three dimensional shapes, are deconstructed into a variable number of smaller segments. An intuitive, innovative and refreshing user experience that allows the user to seize the company’s activity in a single glimpse and without the need to reveal any information describing on-going projects.
  • Penrose is available in 4 different weights:
    Regular, Extended, Amplified and Enhanced. Following the fragmentation mechanism at the core of Brazen’s interaction system, each weight is splintered and displaced into smaller pieces. As each weight gradually fragments the structure away from its original shape, Penrose seeks to expose the underlying order within the letters’ chaotic transfiguration.