• Pencil on Paper
    Poster design for the CRAFT exhibition at the Dutch Design Week 2011
  • Autobahn was invited by the Graphic Design Museum to participate in an exhibition about craft. Craft for us means combining material, medium and idea in a manual way.

    We decided to use a material which artists use to visualise first ideas: a pencil. Also, a phrase often used in arts, is the term 'pencil on paper' - to indicate the production method. To visualise this, we sharpened 100 pencils and used the cut to create the letter A of the word 'craft'. The original image is made on A2 size.

    The A2 posters were printed in black and white. People at the exhibition were invited to tear-off the posters and take them home as a souvenir.

    About the exhibition:

    esigners Hansje van Halem, Yomar Augusto, Autobahn, Letman and Koen Taselaar who have all in an almost craftsman-like way created fonts that can certainly hold their own in the digital age. The letters developed by them together form the title: Craft.

    Crafts is a joint presentation of Sundaymorning@ekwc, Textiellab, NIAF, Beeldenstorm, Frans Masereel Centrum and the Graphic Design Museum.