Peer Pressure || Media Installation

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    Forat Sami, Merna Aly, Hend Esmat, Lamiaa Diab
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    The concept of our peer pressure installation is to create an environment where the user finds himself fighting the pressure of getting influenced by one side. This pressure is created by putting a large number of boxes rapped in newspapers on the left side of the room while leaving the right side almost empty. The user can also find a frame hung from the ceiling at the end of a path between the two sides of the boxes. When the user looks through it, a seesaw appears with an animation showing that it’s trying to go on the right side but it always ends up tilting towards the left side. Once the user steps out of the path, the projection of the seesaw disappears and the picture of the newspapers reappears.
    Our concept was to make the user notice that the weight is concentrated on the left side of the room, so to emphasize this concept, we tilted all the objects to the left. Also, we used the newspaper to symbolize the different opinions on different subjects which influence the people. As for the frame, it played the role of a mirror, so when the user stands in front of it, he sees himself as the seesaw animation, always leaning towards the “majority’s choice/opinion”.
    Peer Pressure - Individualism – Behavior – Elections – Opinion
  • Testing and Setting Up the Installation
  • Different Observations and Interactions by the Audience
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