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A journey trough Mexico's diversity in culture and traditions
Project submitted for "Photofest Queretaro 2013" contest. A journey trough Mexico's diversity and culture, exploring the nature of a human being beliefs. This project was shooted in Suchitlan, a small town in Colima, small but full of beliefs and traditions. Walking around an old cementery I found Pedro Antonio, cleaning his brother's grave, he asked me to photograph him with his deceseased brother. Soon we became friends, he showed me his town and his traditions. He took me to his grandparent's house to show me his brother's altar for the "day of the dead", they teached me the rituals and the belief that beloved deads return to Earth every year to take the offerings from their families. This is an attempt to show my impressions of the day I met Pedro Antonio.
Series constituted of 5 piezographies, each one 76x51 cms.
Limited edition prints available for sale.
(SUC01) The Cementery
(SUC02) Pedro Antonio
(SUC03) Pedro Antonio & Antonio Pascual
(SUC04) The offering for Antonio Pascual
(SUC05) Grandma & grandpa
© Rafael Blando Torres