Pedigree - What's Your Dog's Thing?

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  • Pedigree - What's Your Dog's Thing?
    The work shown here was produced as a mini campaign that supported the much larger What's Your Dog's Thing? campaign. 

    WYDT was a community site created for people's dogs, the premise being that everyone's dog has a trait that makes them unique. It was also a place where people could share stories, photo's and advice.

    I created work for members of this community in the form of a monthly email and downloadable content. The theme of the email centred around the "Star Dog Of The Month", whom I had the honour of picking from all of the dogs within the WYDT site! The downloadable content took the shape of screensavers and wallpapers which also featured real owners dogs.

    As the content was so personalised towards it's target audience, the open and click-through rates were well in excess of industry standards.

    Role In Project
    Art Director, Designer, Animator, Illustrator
  • One of the monthly screensavers.