Pedigree Day event

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  • Pedigree Day Festival
  • Objective: To conduct a large-scale (10 000 contacts), a memorable holiday for owners of dogs,
    educate visitors about the benefits and values of the brand.

    Solution: The "Pedigree Day" become a day care and love, when every dog owner was able
    to learn about the benefits for its Pedigree pet. The event acted interactive zones in which everyone
    could participate: painters, drawing caricatures, entertaining game, photo wall where everyone
    could be photographed and receive a souvenir photo, a zone of puppies and the vet, the area of sales.
    And, of course, the stage upon which held part of the entertainment with contests,
    giveaways and show program. 
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  • Family photowall
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  • Painters interactive zone, sale zone, puppies zone, kid zone
    • Winning the tender with the participation of 11 advertising agencies.
    • Bright and juicy creative attracted the attention of visitors;
    • The number of effective contacts by 57% more than the stated requirement of the client;
    • Positive response from the TA and the media.

    Short-list of  Idea.MA awards.