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Logo suggestion for pediatrician in Newfoundland, Canada

Logo suggestion for pediatrician

The customer—a pediatrician—wanted an environment friendly look for the logo, maybe using a leaf or a butterfly for the mark. I was instantly attracted to the idea of a butterfly since butterflies are a very popular symbol in kids drawings. The butterfly symbolizes something unworried, happy and free and I thought the positive and light feel was perfect for a pediatrician—to ease the minds of the children that might be a little anxious to visit the dentist.

For an environment friendly feel I've used the earth colors green and blue and used pleasant, organic shapes.
For the base of the identity colors I've used a light, airy blue which both has the qualities of something clean, sober and clinic fitting for a dentist—as well as an endearing quality as in baby blue. The airy blue is accompanied by a dusty, slightly more sour blue that has a fine balance between the green and blue shades of the logo. Finally I've chosen a dark grey to substitute the ordinary black.
I was going for soft, rounded and pleasant letters with a happy feel for the name. Instead of using a font that have been used in various constellations I decided to create a type with a discrete playfulness and a unique personality. The letters give a relaxed impression without loosing the corporate feel.
A girly alternative version of the logo.
This is an alternative version of the logo fitting the youngest children visiting Pediadent: the babies with their first teeth.