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Pedal with Pride Campaign for Save the Children India.
Pedal with Pride
Save the Children India Initiative
Even as you’re reading this, around 8 million Indian children aren’t in class. Many of them have never graced the insides of a school. However, most of them don’t feel like going to one simply because they have to walk for hours under the sun before they can even reach the school gate.

Very few families in rural India can afford the luxury of a vehicle. And the fewer schools that exist between villages don’t usually offer a bus service, leaving the children with no option but to clock up the miles on those little nimble feet.

Pedal with Pride was a part of Tour de India cyclothon. Initiated by PRIDE India (a rural arm of Save the Children India), it gave people a chance to relive their childhood and at the same time help these kids get a new set of wheels to reach school, simply by taking part in the event.
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