Peckham Documentary

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  • Safe Studio
    1 of 16 short documentaries around the lifestyle and community aspect of the Peckham area of South London. They were shown at the Peckham Multiplex in December 2011.

    Safe 'n' Sound was created by Jennifer Blake: a woman who grew up in Peckham and got caught up in a dark lifestyle for many years. After fighting her way out, she decided to use her life experience to found a youth centre aiming to help those who need assistance through the transition of childhood to adulthood. This non-lucrative business offers all kind of services including a music studio. Safe Studio has been set up to give a chance to young people to express themselves in a positive way. Music for some of them goes way beyond the simple entertainment: it’s a way to express their feelings and to find themselves within a passion. For some, it turned their life around, and for others, it gives them the strength to go through every day life.
  • Consume Peckham Promo
    I was part of the team who coordinated and created promotional items for the whole event. We created flyers, posters, and brochures.