• Peanut Butter Mill
  • This is a 3rd year project designing tools. The project starts off with research in a specific area of interest, I was assigned to the kitchen group where we explored the possibilities of different tools used in kitchen. I decided to make a peanut butter mill because there is a lack of household tool for making home-made peanut butter. Home-made peanut butter (or nut butter in general) is healthier than store purchased peanut better because it lacks stabilizer and other harmful additives. With the option of making nut butter at home it would also help those seeking a healthier and controlled diet. 
  • Early Concepts
    This product was largely inspired by Magic Bullet. I wanted a powerful enough machine to produce a decent amount of peanut butter without going into a industrial scale. In the early stages I found that in order to make good peanut butter, pressure is key as it forces the oil out of the peanuts. The goal is to combine both pressure and the break-down of peanuts, the two forces were crucial to the concepts.
  • Final Design
    With the proof of concept prototype working, I proceeded to refining the design. The main change for the final design is the form in which became cleaner and crisp.