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My hand illustrated piece for the ZOO LA TRY deck to be release in Sydney, Dec 2012.
Well well! This was a really nice brief to work on - for the new Love Brief Deck that's being released in Sydney in December, I was invited to take part and design a graphic based from a list 50 fins, furs, wings and scales. Each animal 'guide' is applied to a card of their own with their moral definition that can guide insights and reason in life. It all sounded very major project so I couldn't say no! The black and white illustration is my piece, and all other elements are thanks to A Love Brief.

In the end I chose to design the Peacock card (will post the whole card and definition when it's released!), and it was a great challenge to try to get type, texture and the guide aspects all into the small frame and the strict black and white print. In the end I think the textures can through really well, and I can't wait to see the  completed deck with the other artist interpretations!

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Big thanks to Lulu and Lou!