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    The Pédale bike sharing system is based onvirtual stations in order to provide the user with as much freedom andflexibility as possible. The aim with using virtual stations is todematerialize the stations and thereby contributing to a sustainable future in amore extensive way than the excisting bike sharing systems.

    The virtualstations consist of station zones in which the users can park their bikes atany rack they please. Hence, the user will be able to drop-off the bike at anystation they please. The size of each zone will therefore partly depend on thelocation of the racks but mainly on the location in the city. The virtualstations are able to be located in the city landscape since they consist of avisible and recognizable quadratic station pillar with the Pédale logotype onthe top.

  • The bike is equipped with a GPS-device and a GSM transmitter/receiver which makes it possible for the bikes to notify the users if they are within or outside a station zone. Due to the energy consuming components the bike contains a battery which is powered by kinetic energy which is generated through the biking sessions. The bikes also contain a gyroscope which eneables the service central to monitor if the bikes are standing up straight or have fallen down.
  • By incorporating a RFID and NFC device in the bike frame it is possible for users to rent the bikes with both public transportation cards and NFC smartphones.
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