Paul Furey

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  • One company, 4 domains, several names for different programmes and all this for a small group of psychologists that help people have real conversations. The first step was to completely restructure the company. We dropped the old name (PEC) and gave it a more deserving name after the founder.
    With Paul Furey dealing with many different industries in many different countries, it was crucial to keep things clean and uncluttered. By removing loads of unnecessary additional visual elements from the brand, we created an image of a company that is confident enough in itself.
    Surrounded by competitors that seem to do whatever it takes to sell their services, a clean approach is the same as receiving an elegantly presented personal letter rather than a pizza leaflet in your mailbox.
    Which one would you pay attention to?
  • To keep in line with the branding, we wanted to create something that is clean and uncluttered.
    What easier way to explore a website is there than to simply scroll down? This one page website allows the user to scroll through the website and read the story of Paul Furey.
    Credit goes to Jim Agnew for the incredible photos of the Paul Furey team.

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