• Patterns
    A visual and graphic reading of a narration through patterns.
  • In graphic art, design, painting or fashion, a pattern is a shape of forms,
    colors that are repeted regulary.
    Seven recurrent feelings were picked up
    from the book Las Vegas Parano
    written by Hunter S. Thompson in 1971.
    Paranoia, hallucinations, violence, silence, madness, noise and fear.
    Starting from a grid, a color and a pattern come to a feeling.
    Green Pantone 802U > Paranoia
    Turquoise > Hallucinations
    Red > Violence
    Selected varnish > Silence
    Orange Pantone 804U > Madness
    Grey Pantone 548C > Noise
    Purple > Fear
    These patterns were silkscreened on the original book, translating its rythm throughout the tale.
    A second volume, blank, was created to strengthen the idea of evolution
    and let patterns express by themselves.
  • Vol. 1
  • Vol. 2
  • The silence, paradoxically, very loud, is represented by a block of paper lightely spangled
    and silkscreened in selected varnish.
  • Thinking the book also as an object, the edge was silkscreened with a quadricolor gradation. 
    In this way, the edge plays the role of the back cover of a book, like a summa.