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Done while in contract with a eminent gallery.
Patternsin the Futuristic Architecture

‘Patterns in the FUTURISTIC ARCHITECTURE’  is based on my experiences and workswith architecture students in Mumbai. I am impressed with their ability totransform ‘ideas’ into a tactile reality. Tangibility is a commendable qualityof architecture in general. I have explored this aspect in my work.

Basic analysis of architectural forms from Modern toContemporary would suggest that geometric shapes like cubes, triangles andspheres were formally explored. Today the architects are engaged with morecomplicated forms, one of which is the ’DNA– Spiral’ . Portraying various cross-over patternsof spirals is the main objective of this series.

The intricate looping  of ‘Spiral’ form createsthe abstract and non-linear textures. AlthoughDNA-spiral is the most complicated form known to man. But I will try and reflectthe same in rather effortless and minimalist way.

Each artwork here has got a style of cut and the consequential fold follows a particular rhythm. These are essential elements ofmy work since they define the pattern and texture most of the times. The planeof patterns created in my works is elegant yet concrete.