Pattama Haute Couture Website

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  • Disclaimer: All photographs depicted are placeholders in proof of concept delivered to client. None of the above photographs will be in the final website. 
    Website design for high-end dress maker in Bangkok, Thailand. Pattama services discriminating clientele world wide. Her website will supplement word-of-mouth marketing efforts and give members of the international community the opportunity to explore her work. 

    This web design is heavily image based and engages the user with attractive and responsive navigation, pulling them in to closely examine the collection. 

    These images are a proof of concept that have been approved by the client. Development of the website is currently underway. 
  • mouseover for main nav 
  • mouseover for social icons
  • gallery "look book" with bevel/emboss mouseover effect

  • Magnification and description of gallery items. Users can explore clothing in greater detail with mouseover on left pane.