Patient Safety Goals

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  • As 2013 is ending, Sunway Medical Centre planned to start the year 2014 by introducing the 6 International Patient Safety Goals. They held 2 contests for the theme, 1 was tagline copywritting and 1 was poster design which I took part in.
    The brief was simple: 
    - Computer graphics
    - A3 size
    - Portray 6 goals of Patient Safety
    Thoughts of safety tools flashed through my mind but in the end I opted for the doctor's stethoscope to form a number 6 to immediately establish a medical approach to the poster. To further enhance the safety concept, the overall color scheme and ornaments mimics the caution sign with an exclamation mark.
    For the 6 safety goals, icons were drawn and used to represent each specific goal, with their description for better understanding.
  • 6 Patient Safety Goals Digital Poster
  • 6 Patient Safety Goals Digital Poster Mockup
    template by Mike Delsing
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