• Pathfinder is a guidebook to finding the right path during the week of Poster Festival Ljubljana '11. It was intended for visitors of the festival and includes it's official program, extra information, suggestions and recommendations, such as best places to eat, drink, shop, party, and hang out, all in handy map form. It is written and designed by six visual communication students from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana. All 150 copies are hand-bound.

  • Authors
    Ajda Bevc, Petra Bukovinski, Maša Majce, Jan Virant, Ajda Schmidt, Anja Mejač

    Fundacija Brumen | Poster Festival Ljubljana | http://www.posterfestivalljubljana.org

    Paper used
    Munken Pocket Cream 90 g 

    Fonts used
    National Font Family (body text), Cutoff Pro Italic, Bodoni svtytwo ITC TT, Free Dee, Geotica Three, Quicksand Font Family, Alt Retro, Novicento Wide Bold, Morning Glory, Ostrich Sans.
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