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    A challenge within the fitness industry is creating a user experience that is both engaging and rewarding. Many cardio display consoles only provide basic data readouts featuring Time, Distance, Calories Burned, and Speed. Observational research reveals most home exercisers place their treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike in front of a TV; remedying the stifling experience.
    Going beyond basic, equipment displays and utilizing the home’s television, Passport aims to breathe a second life into all cardio equipment. Fueled by Virtual Active, a proprietary body mounted camera captures 1:1 trail footage from locations around the world. A minimal, set top box syncs the cardio equipment with the simulated trail footage. The simulation responds to the equipment's speed as well as inclines and declines in responce to the trail's topography. 
  • Grand Canyon | 1:1 Run Simulation
    Simulated camera view of running on a path. The treadmill's speed and inclination are in sync with the trail.
  • Setup | User Entry
    Enter and store a user profile to select before each workout.
  • Setup | Virtual Active
    Weight, Time, Incline, and Speed can be entered before the workout starts.