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Pasola Photo Exhibition in Viceroy Hotel, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. 2007
Photo Exhibition by: Ari Wekku Sääski & Ilan Weinblatt
Ilan Weinblatt in Kodi, West Sumba. 
Talking deep with Ratu in Lamboya beach, South West Sumba.
Ratu Lamboya
Ratu Lamboya, South West Sumba.
Smoke break after Magic Ceremony was done.
Sumba Warrior charge for fierce attack. Kodi, West Sumba.
See the text on little boys shirt...
This photo i gave to President of Finland 2008 in Jakarta, when she was in Official Visit.
Kodi, West Sumba
Ilan and I, night before Photo Exhibition in Viceroy Hotel.
Miori, Ilan, Umbu Darius from East Sumba, he is from Rende Village Royal Family Member, Ari Wekku Sääski.