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    Graphic Design to put on show
  • Just like in the pyrotechnics, where the arrangement and disposition of materials on the ground is a kind of score about the sensational scene in the sky, so the graphic designer works on materials' disposition and composition on the page to pursue an effect designed to do a visual interpretation, before the cognitive one.

    My thesis purpose is to turn out that the graphic designer could work both in the service of, and to put on a show. The one and the other are a kind of put on a page in which, in the first case the graphic rules are used to design an orientation practice in the page, in the second one the text uses some graphic rules to put on show its dramaturgy.

    And so I have just collected some matters and books printed in The Sixty and Seventy in Italy about Concrete Poetry, Visual Poetry, and about a small press scene rises at the same time of the ufficial one, to study and test out the design's limit in working the text, avoing the artistic results. From these observations on vintage materials, I have just decided to choose the poetry to manage a consideration about the graphic designer's rule in the poetry, looking for the design of Stimmung: the right feeling, or atmosphere, about a poetical text.

    MA Degree Project
    Comunication Design_Politecnico of Milan
    Prof. Zingale Salvatore

    Hardback Cover - stitched paperback binding
    200 x 270mm
    140 pages
    Freelife Vellum White 120 gr