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  • "We wanted to redefine the leisure times in big cities, combining the architecture and Service Design" 
  • Park:Inn Overview.
    A public park into a public parking.
    Service design for the leisure in the pheriferal areas of a big and crowded city.

  • The centralization of the entertainment areas in cities, usually causes a hard and dehumanizing environment in the pheriferal areas, with no open spaces.  The people who want to spend a family gathering in these parts of the city, only can make it possible in a private establishment.

    From the observation of these big consolidated urban areas, we can find public services that enhance the feeling of confinement in the city. Examples of this, are public car parkings in height. Usually located on pheriferal neighborhoods with industrial origin. Those parkings occupy large areas of public property dedicated exclusively to the temporary storage of cars: a big public space that functions only as a practical resource for everyday life, not as a place of enjoyment for the citizens.
  • A new leisure concept for the city
  • Detail of the Facade of the Building.
    Many people share different ways of entertainment in one public place.

  • Park:Inn is a Service Design and Architecture project that consists in the rehabilitation of a city parking with 8 floors to solve this problem by creating a new concept of public park into a public parking. With a complete renovation from the ground to the roof, it manages to give life to the whole building, creating a park in height, with various recreational areas. However, Park:Inn is a complete project that does not renounce to his earlier practical use of parking in height, as it is a necessary and indispensable service.
  • Park:Inn´s standad floor plant.
    A new Service Design for the citizens

  • Park:Inn´s floor distribution.
    Floor 0: Comercial Space. Transit area.
    Floors 1 & 2:  Parking and a recreative space oriented to the north.
    Floors 3 & 4 & 5:  Parking and a recreative space oriented to the south.
    Floors G1 & G2: Public parks, with services of gathering areas, restaurant and playzones.

  • Private Spaces for familiar gatherings.
    A space with a small area of garden, table and good views of the city.

  • Standard floor of the Park:Inn.
    Public space with seats,  sinks and kitchen services.

  • A project developed by:
    S.Biritxinaga & O.Santamaria

    Project carried out for the Design & Architecture contest : CREALÍTICA - SURGENIA (2010)

    All rights reserved.