Park Bank Campaign

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    Refreshing. It's often one comes across a bank that uses this as their motto. But this community bank does. 
  • Annual Report
    In a year where banks were still on unstable ground, this annual report was created to showcase the financial tides turning. The report was contained entirely on (and inside) the box, producing a piece that was both playful and purposeful.
  • Copywriting by Matt Howards
  • Outdoor billboards
  • Copywriting by Matt Howards
  • Print advertisements
  • Copywriting by Matt Howards
  • Direct Mail
    With large, international banks moving in, we decided to focus our attention on...cheese, Wisconsin Dells, and Madison's very own isthmus. Things quintessentially local.
  • Copywriting by Matt Howards
  • Proposed New Campaign
    In order to compete with various banks and credit unions in the area, the campaign was refreshed and repolished. This included adding color, a human element, and an outdoor component to create intrigue in order for people to visit the new website.
  • Copywriting by Elizabeth Jones