Parisienne Moonlight

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  • My goldfish died today
    Little heart in a bubble
    Ray of Light in my kitchen
    The only livin' piece on my mind
    Since you crossed the line
    Mister K, Mister K
    They told me not to be sad
    It is just a matter of time
    What if you had stop time
    What if i'm stuck on yours
    Mister K, Mister K
    State of mind
    Not really united anymore
    But one ting is for real, a fish is a better friend
    Than a human
    And that's for sure
    My goldfish died today, my goldfish died today
    Mister K, Mister K...
    I named it "Jack the Ripper"
    Psycho under water
    The only livin' memory
    Showing how you stabbed me

  • Parisienne Moonlight
    Photo - Babak Fatholahi 
    Model - Sumaya
    Lyric - AaRon Band "Mister K"