• Paris, France - View from a backpacker
    Wacky Tourist travelling light, travelling right! (Most of the time!)
    Some photos taken while backpacking through Paris, France.  www.wackytourist.com
  • The view high atop Notre Dame Cathedral.  It's strange why back then they would put such demonic looking statues on top of a Cathedral.
  • On a subway in Paris.  I absolutely love this photo and the reflection.  One of the most artistic subway stops in the world.
  • Even the sign above the entrance to the Subway are art.  This subway entrance is near the Pére LaChaise where Jim Morrison is buried.
  • This is quite common to hear the sounds of accordion players in and around Paris Subway's.
  • A young Parisian on the Subway enjoying the accordion player.
  • The crowds in the Louvre.
  • Sipping a Latte in a cafe on Rue Cler street in Paris.
  • Inside a Pizzeria in Paris.
  • A Gothic castle in the heart of Paris, France.
  • A Paris subway.