Paranormal (Alejandro Mendez Collaboration)

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  • On october I meet a great Photographer form Mexico, Alejandro Mendez. From the moment I saw his work I contacted him to create a series of collages that could generate the idea of his photographic concept, and could actually make a connection for the "Dias de los muertos" celebration (November 1 and 2).

    The series name is Paranormal, “as events above the normal or everyday experiences. Events that can not be readily explained by known conventional reasons and/or commonly accepted science. Not to be confused with Supernatural that implies a deity explanation.”

    In these series it was selected 4 Alejandro’s Black and White photography’s and 4 different color pallets ones from different sources to make a contrast.
  • For more on Alejandro Mendez please visit:  Alejandro Mendez 

    Work published on One Giant Arm, November 3, 2012:
    One Giant Arm