Paradise Lost

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  • Paradise Lost

    Gallery 2902 Exhibition, Singapore 2011
  • "Tropical Islands is open all year, right around the clock.
    At Tropical Islands, the fun never stops!

    Please note: Even a tropical paradise needs to be cleaned at times.
    Due to maintenance works some areas of "Tropical Islands"
    won't be accessible between 12.00 and 6 am.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

    (Tropical Islands, Brand, Germany, Europe’s largest tropical holiday world) 

    What might the old jungle dream?
    He himself a lush dream of times,
    when, after saluting the silver sea,
    Gardens of flowers are sprawling high upon him?

    (Gottfried Keller: Poems, 1846)
  • The perception of "The Tropics" has always been based on
    western longings and a quest for an alleged “nativeness”.

    Due to globally accelerating urbanisation and commercialisation,
    the “tropical dream” has become the cheap catchphrase of travel prospects and fun parks.

    Having lost most parts of its original tropical features, Singapore is rebuilding an
    artificial environment that is trying to simulate the idea of the pristine "Tropics".

    The city's landscape shows frictions between urban
    development and nature, reinvention and “nativeness”.
    Fragments of dreams shine through the reality of a modern metropolis,
    which is still loaded with a complex array of human projections.