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This is a conceptual piece of sculptural art that illustrates the taking over of rural areas by the urban conformity.
Paper World
Urban Decay...
This was our first assignment we were given during our induction in the School of Creative Arts. In teams we were to create a 3D landscape using paper. We could use any type of paper, from cartridge to newspaper and we could also use tape, staples, glue, string or whatever else we needed to attach things together. 

Our team decided to address the issue of the urban skyline taking over the classic rural landscape by making the buildings of the city skyline as big as we could and covering them in newspaper to visually illustrate the pollution. We kept the rural landscape small and detailed to display the decline of that sort of area, and we used only white paper to symbolise how clean it is with small bits of newspaper to show how the pollution is snaking into the purity of the rural areas.
After several days of drawing this project we destroyed it, but in destroying it, we were to create 'relics' from it. We had to use the paper to create four different relics: One piece of mark making, simple mark making to symbolise out feelings on the project, one piece of typography with a quote, or some memory from the week. I used a song lyric from Example's Stay Awake that had been in my head the whole week! A pen and ink portrait of someone in the group that we hadn't spoken to much in the style of Dryden Goodwin and a 3D object. I made an origami bird which represented a part of the rural area with the newspaper symbolising the pollution of the city...