Paper Collages

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  • Paper Collages
    Various artwork made using paper collage and water colour
  • A woman of the Kikuyu people, the largest ethnic group of Kenya
  • A tilberi. Tilberi (plural: tilberar) are magical creatures from Icelandic folklore. According to the lore only women could conjure up a tilberi. The tilberi would then steal butter or milk from neighbouring farms and in turn the woman would let the creature suck some of her blood from a wound on her thigh. Made from wool and a dead mans rib, after they come alive have been described as a long inflated bag with a mouth on each end.
  • Útburður.  A ghost from Icelandic folklore. An útburður was a ghost of a newborn child of an unwed mother that had been carried out into the cold and left there to die to save a families honor. It was said that the child would haunt the mother, especially on cold and windy nights were it´s cries could be heard in the wind.