• Pandora UI for iOSAmazing Pack for iPAD & iPhone
  • After the creation of Impressionist UI, we have received a lot of e-mails from different designers from all over the world. They have also suggested for us to create a pack of elements for mobile interfaces. It is pretty hard to find something suitable regarding mobile interfaces today, where people could create their own designs. There is a big variety of different applications that lack good design and their creators cannot deal with this on their own. In the meantime Apple keeps leading with their ideas of creating qualitative design. We have received iPhone 4 and iPad 3 with Retina Display that made our design work look better.

    We didn’t think too much about it and made a pack of elements for iOS devices named Pandora UI. This is a great pack containing default and custom elements that will help designers and iOS developers make their works come to reality and create a beautiful design for their applications. Pandora UI is mostly oriented towards iPhone (+iPhone 4s) and iPad (+iPad 3) and supports Retina Resolutions. You will find elements that are available in 5 different skins and some application samples that can work as a template on how you can mix the elements and the skins.

    All the elements were made in Photoshop with the help of Shapes. This means that every element can be resized without affecting its quality. Let’s make beautiful applications!
  • Leather Skin
  • Cloth Skin
  • Wood Skin
  • Knit Skin
  • Basic Skin