Panadol Extra -Traffic Blues

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  • New Panadol Extra provides more effective relief for severe headaches compared to regular Panadol. The brief was to highlight this benefit to differentiate it from other variants.
    Dramatize the effects of hard-hitting pain. The advertising carries the message that despite a pain overload, relief can be found with Panadol Extra.

    Cannes 2011
    Outdoor Single - Bronze
    Print Single -Shortlist
    Art Direction - Shortlist
    D&AD 2012 
    Art Direction For Poster Advertising - In Book
    London International 2011 
    Print Single - Finalist
    Art Direction - Finalist
    The Austrian Award 2011
    Poster - Finalist
    Clio 2012
    Print Single - Finalist
    Spikes 2011
    Print, Art Direction - Silver
    Art Direction - Silver
    Print Single - Bronze
    Outdoor Single - Bronze
    Adfest 2012
    Best Use Of Photography - Bronze
    Best Use of Retouching/Image Manipulation - Bronze
    Press Single - Finalist
    Poster Single - Finalist
    Kancil 2011
    Poster Single -Bronze
    Poster Campaign - Bronze
    Art Direction - Silver
    Photography - Bronze