Paintings I did as an art student in TJC 1997-1998
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Renderings done when I was an 'A' Level art student in Temasek Junior College, Singapore.
1997 - 1998
The top image "pastel seashell" was my first and last "almost" photo-realistic seashell that I drew using soft pastel back in 1997 while I was doing my 'A' level art. Took me the whole Saturday morning to render it on the A3 brown paper as seen here from the photo I took of it, with the real shell on the top left corner. It was a very tiring non-stop work but gave me great satisfaction.

I had given the piece to my college back then for archive, pity I had not kept it but hopefully it's been put to inspire or some good use! Maybe someday I might pick up painting again.

The rest are pieces I painted using acrylic paints while I was learning still life painting during my 'A' level art classes, under the tutelage of my beloved TJC art teacher, Mrs Rita Leicester. She was my mentor and truly a teacher I can be proud of, may she rest in peace, now that she's gone to art heaven.

I must say I'm not very good in still life painting, but at least I painted with some technical knowledge.