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  • Painting projects
  • "Buried"

    -inspired by Mantegna's 'Dead Christ' and the victims who were buried by their homes in the 2011 Japan tsunami. 

    Media- Acrylics on cardboard
  • "Squirrel"

    Media- Watercolour
  • "A poster created for a movie based on greek mythology- Titan"

    Media- Acrylic on wood
  • "Mdina street scape"

    Media- Soft pastel on paper
  • Still Life

    Media- Acrylic on paper
  • "Emma"

    Media- Acrylic on wood
  • "Across the River Thames"

    Media- Acrylic on paper
  • "Stalagmites and Stalactites"

    Media- organic material, glue and acrylic on wood
  • "Peace, Love and Music- the 60's"

    Media- Newspaper, collage and acrylic on wood