Paige Regular - a paperfold typeface

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  • Paige Display
  • Paige is a display typeface, meant to be used at large sizes. It was designed as a headline companion to the sans serif typeface FF Profile. With similar proportions as FF Profile, Paige can be used for headlines while FF Profile is the body text. of course, Paige can be used on its own. Its unusual, subtle flare-serifs let it keep the character of a sans-serif, while bringing a bit of contrast to the letter shapes.

    Paige’s breaks remind of bent pieces of paper. These give it an edge at large sizes and make it perfect for headlines and logos.

    Paige was created during a type-design workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia in Summer 2011. The workshop only lasted for one week, but we worked very intensively. It was organized by tipoRenesansa. The typefaces of the other participants can be viewed   here