Pagkain Series (1st Batch)

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  • We always see food in anime that looks sooooooo delicious! We always ended up drooling before our screens after scenes that showcase these delicious animated treats. From Japanese cuisine, French cuisine, from bread, sweets, to main courses! But have you ever wondered, what would it look like if Filipino foods are the ones turned into anime? 
    So here, I decided to list down a few of our favorite Filipino dishes and turn them into anime! (note: this will be an on going series, so I'll be adding/uploading some more soon!)
  • Final layout! Added a few lens flare, lightings and background for presentation purposes!
    All of these illustrations are in vector format made via Ai
    ©kumaoso 2014
    Ingredients list from:
    Special thanks to my girl for helping me list down some more Filipino dishes that she misses here in the Philippines! lol thanks babe!