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Branding for Padur, a pub, cafe and concert hall of Alicante.
Padur Café offers guests a relaxing space to enjoy their coffee menu, cocktails and beers listening to good music. At night offers live music concerts, bringing Benissa most relevant to the orchestras of Valencia. Classically furnished, required a brand that reflected this dichotomy between the classical and the transgressor, transmitting his passion for rock & roll. This was developed as a brand lettering, with a pink and gray chromaticism to remind the typesetting of American brands of the 50s and 60s.

The brand image of Padur Music Cafe complete with a composition in the form of seal where there is a rock chick playing guitar and wearing a pink tutu and hair. We sought a quite recognizable, friendly but aggressive and classic but transgressive brand. A dichotomy, as the same character of Padur Music Cafe, cafe by day and concert hall in the evening. The mascot illustrated a graphic treatment close to European enlightenment and a clear vocation lovebrand, allow implementing brand signage and merchandising elements.