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A packaging redesign for Artisan Sake Maker's SakeKasu
Artisan Sake Maker: SakeKasu
Packaging redesign
Artisan Sake Maker - located on Granville Island, Osake is the first “fresh premium”Junmai Sake [Namazake] of its kind produced in Canada. Fermented from top-quality Japanese sakamai, then hand-pressed and hand-bottled...
Recipes attached on the backside
As me and Masa, the owner of Artisan Sake Maker, discussed on ways to update the packaging, we realized that it was important to include recipes and a clear description of what Sakekasu is. Many people do not know what Sakekasu is and the uses of it.
The new design eliminated the need for a plastic film seal, expanded visibility and gave Artisan Sake Maker the opportunity to expand the sales to various local supermarkets.
Artisan Sake Maker in front of their store on Canada Day
Promotional material