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A packaging for an engagement ring that fits inside a wallet
An Engagement Ring Case that fits in the pocket or the wallet
Formally known as the Packed Engagement Ring Box
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*project featured on: | | Gavin Embrose's Basics Graphic Design: Design Research (Book) | | Fancy | Trend Hunter | Trend Updates

* Ranked #2 on the Top 100 packaging designs of 2011 on the
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Project featured in Gavin Ambrose's 
Basics Graphic Design: Design Research
Clifton is an engagement ring case made with genuine leather that can be easily slipped into the pocket or the wallet. The original intention was to simply create an unconventional ring box. The project however began to take shape after hearing about the nerve-wracking process of a proposal.
The concept design was originally created in 2011 and was then launched under the name “Clifton” in 2014.