• My aim was to redesignwell-known Russian sweets: 'Squirrel', 'Golden Cockerel' and 'Northern Bear'. The
    targetaudience was young affluent professionals, so the final outcome had to beluxurious, affluent, sophisticated and contemporary.
    My solution uses a minimal graphics and typography, shows howsweets can be a part of an image. The front view contains two chocolate wrappedsweets combined with a black and white vector drawing.
  • Take careabout nature is the main motto of my packages; all used materials were thoroughly chosen before using. For all wrappers I have used a kraft paper painted with aspecial safety inks and the same stuff is also used inside boxes; outside myoutcomes are covered with natural flax.
  • The final product isenvironmental friendly, contemporary and minimalistic; the package is not huge so it is comfortable to take it with you.