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Package redesign of Palmolive soap bar
Soap redesign 
Packaging design, NKF 2.year
The brief said to redesign a self chosen product, and to make it more original, modern and unique.
A part of the brief was also to create a wider target group. So that the design appealed to people in all ages.

I chose to redesign Palmolives bar of soap. 
I figured the old design was quite boring, and that it appealed more to people in an older age group.

I chose to use sharp colours to describe what scent and fruit the soap was made of.
I also wanted the design to be simple and clean, I therfore used two layers. One with the design on. 
And one in thinner paper with only one colour.
I made simple cut out shapes based on what the soap is made of, so that people easily can understand what fragrance it is. This also makes it possible to smell the fragrance of the soap in the store, without opening it.

This is a fictional brief.