Packaging: Skyrim Booklet

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  • Class Assignment: design a book layout for subject of our own choice,
    making sure typeface and layout match the aesthetic of the book.

    Now the assignment was only required to be a book or booklet focusing on layout, but I got the idea to make a book like one might find lying about in the Elder Scrolls game Skyrim. Instead of stopping at the booklet I decided to turn it into a packaging idea, a sort of coffee table curiosity, one I'm sure any fan of Skyrim would want to have. So after I complied "the Adventurer's Guide to Skyrim" edited from various Skyrim Wikipedia articles I went to work on the binding and the box. Below you'll find the complete package of what I ended up with.

  • Cigar box sanded, then burned, and finally a single coat of finisher.
  • Note left to the reader, addressing the contents of the box
  • Booklet printed on Linen paper then aged with coffee stains and heat, then bound between hard cover book with string
  • The complete package, featuring the Skyrim map that came with preorder and a few Yen to pass as Septims.