• (Branding & Packaging)
  • Puebla 109 is a new gastronomic hotspot in Roma, the burgeoning DF neighbourhood. Inside the three-floored 20th century townhouse is where art, design and gastronomy converge, in the forms of a restaurant, a bar and a member’s club. In the mornings the space can be used as a work hub while the space evolves as the day unfolds, offering a nice lunch in the afternoon or a cocktail in the evening.

    The identity for Puebla 109 was developed around several symbols which draw inspiration from the classic age of Mexican philately. Each symbol works independently but at the same time shares an equal hierarchy when used together with the rest of the symbols that make up the graphic system. Unlike a more traditional approach to branding, there is no one symbol that bears the weight of the entire brand’s identity.

    The applications are constructed upon basic or more industrial materials. They are contrasted with bold colours and classic typefaces that have a strong national character, together with a few other graphic elements which resemble those used by the postal service in the past, therefore alluding to the journey that an object undertakes before reaching its final destination.

    The interior design was developed by Marcela Lugo and Arturo Dib and includes works of art by Marcos Castro, Lucía Oceguera, Juan Caloca and Luis Alberú.
    Photography by Coke Bartrina