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    Building up a concept for NID's Young Designer 2012 and develop its main pages: cover, content page, student's work page etc. 

  • My concept was that of a 'Beehive' as a metaphor. I could relate this kind of book to a
    beehive as both of them are a symbol of unity, hard work and optimism. The YD has a
    record of the various convocating student designers and their works. It is a rcognised document which is developed to recieve equal amount of credit just like a beehive where all kind of bees work hard in order to build up their symbol of pride. I worked mainly with the
    basic structure of the beehive, i.e, a hexagon and created my layout accordingly, with the
    help of the isometric grid.
  • the cover of the Young Designers 2012
  • The page with the director's message
  • contents page
  • student's work page